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Noise reductionnoise reduction

Noise reduction

Focus on controlling noise pollution controlSet research and development, production, marketing, construction as one of the strong team

Sound insulation productsSound insulation products

 Focus on the development of sound insulation products and Research on noise control technology, and provide a super standard solution案

Acoustic techniqueAcoustic technique

Active research and development of low frequency noise control technology and a number of national invention patents



Innovation ideaInnovation idea

Break the restriction of traditional thought, break through the bottleneck of traditional technology and create a new concept of noise control technology

customer servicecustomer service

One to one customer service experience, quick response mechanism. Let everyone enjoy the star - star experience




Case showCase show


AboutLong-greenabout us

Chongqing Langfu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, is located in Chongqing City, Chongqing Environmental Protection Industry Association member units, and achieved a "" environmental pollution control qualification certificate, the company has a professional management of various mechanical equipment noise, a strong team of R & D, production, sales and construction as one of the in particular, independent research and development company "," special "muffler transformer assembly" vibration etc. the quality of products is stable and highly good performance has been environmental protection departments and users.

The company has operations throughout the country, successful cases too numerous to mention design and management of various types of integrated engineering, noise production and construction technology has been fully mature (such as boiler room of diesel generator, high pressure fan, central air conditioning room, cooling tower, air conditioning, lampblack machine, water pump, transformer, elevator noise control engineering etc.), noise emission limits of the relevant provisions of the State Environmental Protection Administration can fully meet.

High quality production, user satisfaction, ring measurement is the business philosophy of enterprises, adhere to win the trust, win by quality, the best products, the best quality service, dedication to the majority of users.

Langfu people adhering to the "integrity, dedication, rigorous and innovative" spirit of enterprise and social responsibility, to ensure that the environment of peace, to control the noise pollution, Lang are willing to cooperate with friends from all walks of life, create brilliant.

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